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Cabinet GALLIOT offers you to make a serious and gracious estimate of your property.

You can depend on us to provide a realistic estimate of your property’s value. We will not give you unrealistic estimates just so you will work us.
Aussi, les collaborateurs du Cabinet se refuseront de fournir des estimations de complaisance dans le seul but d’en obtenir la commercialisation.

We really know the market. Based on recent sales and constantly updated databases we can provide sellers with unbiased, professional advice and successful marketing.

Determining the value of a property depends on many factors specific to each one, in terms of:

Physical Factors

The price can vary according to the geolocation, (WHAT IS THIS - HOW IS IT DIFFERENT TO LOCATION?) the location, the neighbourhood, the living areas, the floor area, the general condition, the quality of the build, the style, the quality of the material and the balance of the whole.

Economic factors

These changes according to the market, its evolution and its general economic situation at the time.

Following our visit, we are committed to issuing you an estimate as soon as possible.

Entrust your property to us, our real estate professionals will take care of estimating it

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